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Wolfpack's Let's Escape CGC

Wolfinger's Clyde CGC TKN DJ
Willowbrook's Little Devil Wears Prada

Gilbert is a delightful and sociable dog with a wonderful temperament. He is a loving and active family companion who enjoys watching his family members engage in activities like baseball, swimming, and soccer.


Gilbert is working on his championship and obedience titles.

Gilbert is co-owned with Kerry Scribner and family.

If you want to see a well trained Labrador, Gilbert is your man!


*Gilbert will be available for stud when all clearances are final, indicates that he may be used for breeding purposes, but only for approved female dogs who meet specific health and genetic criteria.*

Call Name: "Gilbert"
Date Of Birth: 9/6/2020
Breeder: Stephanie Wolfinger
Owner: Kerry Scribner & Stephanie Wolfinger

OFA Hips:Pending 
OFA Elbows:Pending
OFA Eyes: Clear
Dentition: Full Dentition
Patella: Normal
Heart: Pending
Dilute: Clear 
EIC: Clear
HNPK: Carrier
PRA: Clear
CNM: Clear
DM: Clear
CT: ATP7A - Carrier/ ATP7B- Clear
Carries: Black


Wolfpack's Lets Escape CGC

Wolfingers Clyde CGC TKN DJ

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