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Welcome To Wolfpack Labradors

Welcome to the Wolfpack, where our passion for Labrador Retrievers drives us to breed well-rounded, healthy companions with amazing temperaments. As a devoted breeder we are committed to ensuring the well-being and quality of each Labrador in our care. At the heart of our mission is the belief that Labradors should not only be beautiful but also thriving in health and character. As a responsible breeder, we prioritize health testing and proudly maintain AKC registration and the Labrador standard.

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Our Labradors are the heart and soul of the Wolfpack. Each one of our beloved dogs is a testament to our dedication to the breed. Through careful selection and breeding, we strive to produce Labradors that embody the breed's best traits – intelligence, loyalty, and a gentle disposition. Their good health and robust genetic backgrounds are a testament to our commitment to responsible breeding.

The Wolfpack has achieved notable successes in the world of Labrador breeding. We take pride in our accomplishments, which reflect our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in breeding. Our Labradors have earned recognition for their outstanding qualities, and we look forward to sharing our achievements with you.

We invite you to explore our website to meet our Labradors, learn more about our breeding program, and discover our achievements. Whether you are a prospective puppy owner, a fellow Labrador enthusiast, or simply a dog lover, we hope you find our passion and dedication to the breed inspiring.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the Wolfpack. We look forward to sharing our Labradors and experiences with you as we continue our mission to breed exceptional Labradors with incredible temperaments.


* Certified Dog Trainer (Certification from ABC Animal Behavior College

* Certified Canine and Feline Pet Nutritionist (Certified from Southern Illinois University)

* ABC's of Dog Breeding Anatomy Part 1 & 2

* ABC's Breeding Basics 

*ABC 's Dog Breeding ,Breeding systems

* Greg Strong Handling Class Seminar

* On -going mentoring with Kathy Mines of Rockycreek Labradors

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